Your Inner Light Is Meant To SHINE.

Turn On Your Radiant Confidence

Activate Fun, Playful & Sexy Feminine Codes Within You

Awaken Your Magnetic Radiance

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Notice how some people light up any room they walk in?

I used to be so jealous of those people!!

I was the one sweating, thinking of what to say next, while pretending I was totally fine.

Then one night, I came across a lecture + hypnosis from an incredible woman.

She seemed to be everything I wanted. Her confidence lit up the room. I listened. I felt amazing.

But I didn't just feel amazing... I started getting insights into what I should do next in my life, people started noticing how different I was (literally after 1 day) and I got compliments on how amazing I looked... even though I hadn't actually changed anything.

I listened to it 7 nights in a row. The unconscious reprogramming was rapidly taking place, and I didn’t even know it.

From that moment on, I literally became Magnetically Confident (and you can, too).

I started attracting the right people, the right situations, my dream business…

I was so blown away, I went even further. I studied NLP, Hypnosis, how to reprogram your unconscious mind, bio-hacking, Masculine & Feminine energies… anything I could get my hands on.

Today, I am so excited to offer you a highly specialized Hypnosis along with a powerful 7-day activation program to “turn on” your inner Magnetic Confidence and start attracting what you want MOST to you like a magnet!

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Magnetic & Radiant

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Inside Magnetic & Radiant, you will ignite the most authentic, most POTENT confidence and attract the things you want most into your life like a freaking MAGNET.

What's Included:

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The Magnetic Confidence Hypnosis

Reprogram your unconscious mind to become Magnetically Confident and feel instantly radiant. Paired with binaural sounds to accelerate your re-programming 10x and highly specialized language that bypasses your “logic brain” getting the reprogramming exactly where it needs to go.

($200 Value)

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7 Days of Specialized Journaling Prompts

7 days of journaling prompts specifically designed to activate the dormant parts of your unconscious mind that control your confidence and flip it "on" like a light switch.

($175 Value)

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7 Days of Potent Trainings With Me

Each day, you will receive a training video from me giving you the exact codes needed to activate your inner feminine energy, attract what you want, boost confidence daily and clear out any internal programming holding you back from truly shining.

($299 Value)

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Activate Confidence Personal Guide

Put this guide up on your bathroom mirror, your fridge or your work desk so you can train your unconscious mind to easily and naturally choose Magnetic Confidence, with anyone and in any situation.

($30 Value)

Plus These Bonus's When You Sign Up!

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My Insanely Easy Biohacks to Turn on Your Confidence & Become Attractive Instantly

I straightup can not tell you how powerful this training is. Learn how to literally “turn-on” your confidence and attractability, in any situation, with any person, at any time.

(Value: $295)

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The Quantum Field Hypnosis

Activate the realm of infinite possibility deep within your psyche to find out what it is that you truly want (people often repress this!) and then, become an energetic match for that very thing, pulling it to you like a magnet!

(Value: $100)

Total Value: $1,099!!!

Your price: $597

Your Pirce: $297

I know the power & potency of this program is life changing.

I want this to be in the hands of as many women as possible! If you miss out, you many never break out of your shell...


I want your inner GLOW to shine NOW.

So... I've decided to offer EVERYTHING here for just:

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What Other Women are Saying About 7 Days to Magnetic Confidence:

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What it Means To BE Magnetic & Radiant:

You break out of your shell

Show up as the real you, in all situations

Experience REAL self love

You end patterns of self sabotage

You stop dimming your light

You activate your inner Goddess and nourish your sacred feminine

People are just drawn to you and they don't even know why

You shine sexy confidence everywhere you go

You attract what you want, and who you want, into your life, like a magnet

You stop people pleasing

You have a natural glow to you

You become clear with who you truly are and what you truly want in your life

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

My guarantee to you is that by the end of these 7 days, you will notice a positive shift in your life. It's impossible not to. I am so confidnet in this that if by the end of the 7 days you notice nothing, I will give you a full refund. Just email me at

RECAP: What You Get Inside of Magnetic & Radiant:

The Magnetic Confidence Hypnosis ($200 Value)

7 Days of Specialized Journaling Prompts ($175 Value)

7 Days of Potent Trainings With Me ($299 Value)

Activate Confidence Personal Guide ($30 Value)

BONUS: My Insanely Easy Biohacks for Confidence & Becoming Attractive Instantly ($295 Value)

BONUS: The Quantum Field Hypnosis ($100)

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Dream Body By Love

Dream Body By Love

Activate Your Dream Body Through A Portal of Self Love! 

NO Depriving Yourself. NO Perfectionism. NO All-or-Nothing Mindset.

Join me in a Life Changing 7 Day Experience Where you will Rewire Your Mind & Body to Align with Self Love AND Your Dream Body Forever!

"I love Dream Body By Love!!! I love how it's so simple but works SO well and is backed by science. I can't believe how easily and quickly your approach has been folded into my life. Thank you, Kate!!!"

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