You Know Diets Don't Work...

So What Does Work?

Stop overeating, binge eating, emotional eating and/or purging WITHOUT willpower

Break free from the shackles of food & eating

Stop food obsession

Enjoy your life again

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I Used to Binge Eat Every Day, Go on a Diet, Fail, and Repeat...

...for 10 years. I purged as well. I hated every second of it. I felt trapped. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get out of this unhealthy cycle.

It Wasn't Until I Healed the "Root Cause" that Everything Changed...

The Root Cause is the subconscious reasos that your relationship with food is the way it is. When I healed my root causes, everything in my life changed and I became the happiest version of my self. What I figured out will change your life, too.

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Nourished & Free

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An online, self paced program with weekly 1:1 support to completely break free from unhealthy patterns with food and experience the JOY and Peace of real self love!

What's Included:

7 Self Paced Modules

Each Module contain videos, meditations, hypnosis's and journaling prompts to walk you through your food freedom journey step by step.

($3,000 Value)

The Food Freedom Toolkit

A personal toolkit of exactly how to handle any situation around food and the urge to binge or overeat.

($250 Value)

The Nourished & Free Workbook

A personal, comprehensive workbook of the entire program keeping you on track.

($1200 Value)

7 1:1 Sessions With Kate

These sessions are designed to keep you on track, go DEEP with this work, and get all of the personal support you need from Kate directly.

($2,800 Value)

18 Specialized Hypnosis's

Hypnosis is the fastest way to make a change. You get access to 18 hypnosis's that will heal the root cause of unhealthy eating patterns.

($990 Value)

A Library of HUNDREDS of Hours of Extra Support

Hundreds of hours of video content with Kate all around emotional health, binge & emotional eating and healthy eating, all at your finger tips.

($2,000 Value)

Total Value: $10,240

Your price: $6,000

I know the power & potency of this program is life changing.

I want this to be in the hands of as many women as possible!

I want you to enjoy your life outside of food obsession!

Because I believe so strongly in this, I want you to have access to the ENTIRE program for just...

Your price: $3,597

(6 Month Payment Plan Availbale)

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The Nourished & Free Modules:


In Module 1, you will fully step into the highest version of you so you can BE her NOW, while changing all of your limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns so that you can be FREE from food struggle.


In Module 2, we will go over shame, self hate, hidden anger, self sabotage, and healthy ways to cope. Often, lingering or hidden emotions are the DRIVERS of overeating and you may not even know it.


In Module 3, I walk you through step by step how to ditch dieting for good and exactly what to do instead. I teach you my version of intuitive eating (because I never found classical Intuitive Eating to work for me) and how to set HEALTHY boundaries around food and how to stick to them.


In Module 4, I teach you what REAL self love means so that you can make all of your food, self care and exercise choices from LOVE (instead of self-hate). You also learn the real, root cause of difficulty losing weight, and how to mend that root so weight loss (or weight maintenance) becomes your normal.


In Module 5, you connect deeply to your purpose and live that out leading to a happy & fulfilling life, so that you are not subconsiously filling up on food.


In Module 6, you learn how to reprogram the "programs" you are currently running in your life that are dictating your all-or-nothing mindset, food obsession and roller coaster relationship with food.


And finally, in Module 7, we integrate everything so that your food freedom lasts forever.

What You Get Inside of Nourished & Free:

7 Self Paced Modules ($3,000 Value)

The Food Freedom Toolkit ($250 Value)

The Nourished & Free Workbook ($799 Value)

Weekly 1:1 Sessions with Kate ($2,800 Value)

18 Specialized Hypnosis's ($990 Value)

A Library of Hundreds of Hours of Extra Support ($2,000)

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Your price: $3,597

(6 Month Payment Plan Available)



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